First Love

  • You know, it’s hard to begin…
  • Then what for?
  • Sometimes I even forget I ever wrote a word… and then someone reminds me, as if writing is my ex, „…so, still writing? How is writing?“ they ask. And I get the same rush, and I blush thinking that Writing and my-self were a good match, I remember all the crazy things we did together…. and then, I admit in shaky voice that, I still think about it from time to time, however…
  • However?
  • … I remain mute, fearing that if we meet face to face, I will have nothing to say.

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"Lengva būtų visa tai pavadinti literatūriniu nudizmu, jei Marijos Djačenko kūryboje nebudėtų skaudus jautrumas tiems, kuriems atrodo, jog savo egzistenciją įmanoma pabrėžti ir susinaikinimu." - ROBERTAS KETURAKIS “It would be easy to call Marija Djačenko’s oeuvre literary nudism, if not the painful sensitivity to those who feel that their existence may be stressed by self destruction.” – ROBERTAS KETURAKIS