Ragnar Kjartansso: The Visitors

A couple of days ago, a talented young violist and a good friend of mine, Abraham Brody shared his experiences at Brewer Street Car Park. He told me I would like it. So next day, I grabbed a companion and we ran to see the heart-warming installation by Ragnar Kjartansson. We did run as it was late Sunday afternoon and we were almost sure we’ll miss it.

We didn’t. Kjartansson’s work The Visitors is refreshing and with Icelandic touch. The exhibition space is perfectly chosen for this kind of work. Nine musicians, nine massive screens hanging in pitch black space translating pre-filmed composition. I dare you not to smile from enjoy when you hear this.

Quick hurry as the exhibit will be open only until the 6th December.

More info right here.


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"Lengva būtų visa tai pavadinti literatūriniu nudizmu, jei Marijos Djačenko kūryboje nebudėtų skaudus jautrumas tiems, kuriems atrodo, jog savo egzistenciją įmanoma pabrėžti ir susinaikinimu." - ROBERTAS KETURAKIS “It would be easy to call Marija Djačenko’s oeuvre literary nudism, if not the painful sensitivity to those who feel that their existence may be stressed by self destruction.” – ROBERTAS KETURAKIS