Paule Vézelay, master of line

Enjoyed a very British conservative Saturday morning with The Guardian and BBC Archives: Women of our Century-Series 1: Paule Vézelay.:

Germaine Greer: I don’t know how that is that an artist decides upon the value of his work. And how do you decide that your painting is worth this or that amount of money? What criteria do you use?

Paule Vézelay: To tell you the truth I never know what price I should put on my work, I just make a sort of guess. What I think, it is worth.


Germaine Greer: We were told by one dealer that one of the problems with Paule Vézelay work is that much to highly prices and no one will buy it.

Paule Vézelay: I don’t think it’s true. They can’t tell that they can’t sell it till they try.

Germaine Greer: But you wouldn’t advice anybody to lower prices in order to sell more?

Paule Vézelay: Not unless they’re very hungry, I wouldn’t. I think, an artist should put the prices he thinks the work is worth.

Germaine Greer: And insist on them on those prices.

Paule Vézelay : Yes, I think so. Otherwise, however low your prices are, people will want you to sell them for half a price, or two for a prices of one. As they do in America. No, I think if the painting is good it’s worth a good price.

Watch the episode.

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