All the Eternal Love

  • Let’s go to Yayoi Kusama exhibition, at Victoria Miro.
  • Let’s.
  • What time shall we meet to avoid the never ending queue we faced last time.
  • 10am.

Surprisingly enough, I was there 9.50am and the queue was already 15-20min wait. A gallery assistant with a timer in her hands breathy explained that the best time to visit gallery is weekdays. Saturdays are the busiest.

  • We only let in maximum 4 people at the time for 45 sec, – she said whiles opening the door to Chandelier of Grief (2016).
  • And then they say people do not appreciate art anymore. There is no time left for anything else but to take a snap and Instagram.


This time I did not argue, he was right.  I do believe that those who will visit the gallery early in the morning on Monday or any other working day – will have a completely different experience and unfortunately, even though vibrant Yayoi Kusama’s works are always pleasant to the eye – All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins  and Chandelier of Grief are both about exploration of space. 30 seconds was not nearly enough to get immersed into this Alice Through the Looking Glass experience.

The third installation is hidden in a backyard, a mirror cube that takes one to the space. And yet again, just for long enough to sort of get it:

  • I don’t really see the point of this one, can’t be bothered to take out my iPhone.
  • Look at this picture I took with my camera, looks amazing.
  • Oh, wow… oh, I see now.


Not everyone reaches Installation View, therefore after 10 minute rat race the space felt like an oasis, where one can enjoy piece and silence, and of course art.

No tickets required, exhibition opened until 30 July 2016. More info | Victoria Miro Gallery.

The Narrowboat balcony view

The perfect spot to share thoughts and plan the rest of the day – The Narrowboat balcony, where we had a cup of coffee and a lazy cigarette.

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