Provocative Facades

I always had this temptation to touch a book, flip through pages, read the back cover. I also love to buy books in those little house called bookshops, where I can meet other creeps, who love books as much as I do, maybe even more?

Fascinating places they are, storing real life stories of bizarre customers and the centuries-long record of genius minds. And what about salesman? Personally, I think they all are wizards, who look like ordinary humans, but their minds are gateways to mysterious worlds of fantasy, time machines that take you back, or can transport to any location of planet Earth and beyond.

Currently I am in search for J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, which seems to be extremely popular book, as all shopkeepers pause for five seconds, head towards a shelf where the book suppose to be and turn around in disappointment explaining:

  • This morning it was here, but it looks like we sold it, – and for a second we unite in this pure humanly compassion, because he understands the importance of finding a book and the almost orgasmic satisfaction that follows after.

I say fuck Tinder and all dating apps that keep us away from indulging in the divine universe of true emotions and seductive bodies. Oh yes, baby, flip the page…  (should be read in French accent)

More pictures with provocative facades to come…

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