London, my Love

I think we need to spread love as much as we can. And today I’m very much in love with LONDON. A couple of weeks ago, I introduced the city to my cousin & her husband, & was very disappointed they felt indifferent about my lover. For days I thought, that I might be deluded, that all this love affair isn’t real & it’s all in my head. But today, today London spoke to me in the sweetest language ever known. We took a slow walk along the south side of the river, we listened to St Paul’s Cathedral bells watching boats ploughing through the water. Then he took me for a long walk through resting Borough Market, across London Bridge, I asked him to wait whiles I took a photo of majestic Tower Bridge. He said I act like a tourist.

We walked through oh so busy Liverpool Street and said hello the new office, I will soon start a new position and continued to the Old Spitalfields Market, down the Brick Lane, where a dude that looked like Jimi Hendrix played Hey Joe.

I took a short video of a man dressed half pirate, half old lady in a blond wig, he rode something that looked like skate, then stopped to chat to a salesman and said: I dress, so people see me, otherwise they act like I’m invisible. He has a point, – said London. You are home for all freaks, – I teased him. Including you, – he noted.

We floated down Columbian Road like Ophelia in the sea of people surrounded by flowers and were brought back to life by a cup of flat white. The queue was long but we enjoyed standing there listening to a girl playing Kate Bush Running Up That Hill.

And when we walked down the Broadway Market — a cup of coffee in one hand and flowers in the other — watching people sitting outside having brunch, thinking this day can not get any better. A Spanish born artist caught us by the hand and dragged into his pop up project space. What is this? – I asked. He said: We want to capture the face of London. I don’t look my best, – I said, – but I got flowers. Let’s do this!

And he sat us into this 1970s photo booth and we took a selfie. Here it is, I’m not sure if you can see him, but London is right behind me.


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