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Pavydžios bobos

Pradėjau darbą naujame ofise. Kasdien keliuosi šeštą, kad spėčiau nusiprausti, susitvarkyti plaukus, pasidaryti full makeup, išsirinkti teisingą suknelę, kuri atidengia kojas tiek, kiek reikia. Privalu sukurti gerą pirmąjį įspūdį bei visiems patikti. Ofise, kaip mokykloje, mokykloje, kaip gamtoje – bendruomenė susiskirsčiusi į grupeles. Lyderiai, darbininkai ir smegenys. Lyderiai, kaip visada ir visur, vidutinio amžiaus baltaodžiai […]


Her father was a proud patriot. He was the first to arrive to The Baltic Way, a human chain that connected three Baltic Capitals in a peaceful protest against Soviet rule, wearing a white shirt and a tricolour badge. She remembers the morning he woke everyone up and made them sing the national anthem. Then the mother rushed to the kitchen to make some sandwiches with rye bread, cheese and cervelat. She could not understand what the fuss is all about, neither did her sister. They sat at the back seat of their red moskvitch, driving towards Vilnius in silence. The mother was finishing her knitting, occasionally lifting her head to check the road, the father’s hands were clenching tightly on the wheel, while the sister picked her nose, secretly sticking bogeys under the car seat.
It was a peculiar summer morning, drowning in the hot August sun.
– Where are we going dad? – she asked.
– Into freedom.