Get a Life by Vivienne Westwood

One of many things that pisses me off about our society is the lack of respect & patience. Tonight I witnessed both & I felt embarrassed for the people who stood up to leave before the applause. Who walks out of the room before Dame Vivienne Westwood?! Especially, when she was the speaker of the evening & the reason everyone came to Royal Festival Hall on Sunday evening in the first place?

Vivienne was & looked fantastic, wearing high heel platform shoes, an ankle length sequin dress & Buy Less T-shirt. She said there is more to it: Buy Less. Choose well. Make it last. 

The talk, which was a promotion for her book Get a Life, focused on literature & everything that connects with it. She focused on two books discontinued Anthropology publication & Chinese Poetry, she talked about her concepts, such as human dimension, politics & society, art & culture, religion & Cosmos.

Whatever you do what’s positive, you become a part of Cosmos & you don’t have to win every battle. <…> Consciousness, Cosmos & Language form a unity & we become a part of that unity, which expands with us. <…> put in what you get out, – she encouraged, – Babies get blown sky high, there is no chance to recognise their potential. It’s a wonderful thing to have a life.

I always wondered how Vivienne manages to stay relevant & on top of her game?

Reading what keeps me going, charges the battery & feeds ideas. I will tell you a story, – she said, – I believe that will show you how kind human being I am. I was going home by tube from a performance at Barbican one night. A group of youngsters jumped on the train, age 14 or 15, or maybe they looked younger, than the age they actually were. I like kids that age, they don’t know a thing, but they got a passion inside. The boys were covered in blood, someone used violence against them. I came up to these guys & told them to read more books, I told them that will empower them <…>. The youngest one sat next to me, so before I got off, I told him: make sure they read books. And he said: What book? Anything, – I replied.

And that is an answer. Anything.

Thank Cosmos for Vivienne Westwood.


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