Italy. Travel is My Real Job

It was early sunny spring morning in London Bridge apartment filled with the smell of coffee and fresh croissants. We laid in a king size bed equipped with laptops: planning an eight-day trip through Italy, staring places on Google maps, booking tickets and adding dates and times to the fourteen pages file. A half-day in Pisa, two days in Florence, a train trip to Venice, a car ride to Riva del Garda ending the voyage with a half day in Verona.

It would have been a crime to squeeze the adventure into a single blogpost, therefore the trip will follow through five entries accompanied with mesmerising shots by Simonas Mitkevičius, stopping at each town to explore picturesque locations, historical sites, perhaps slightly less known but incredibly welcoming restaurants and more. No longer can I fight the excitement to take the trip down the memory lane popping into cute cafes and having espresso at a counter with the locals, getting lost in Venetian street-labyrinths were even GPS is powerless, riding a bicycle from Riva del Garda to Arco along a river, watching the sun gradually sink into vineyards, climbing the Monte Rocchetta for hours and rewarding oneself with a glass of chilled Aperol Spritz surrounded by  tranquil mountains.

Fasten your seatbelts we will soon be landing in Pisa.


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