“Hi.” – I send him a text not expecting a reply. “Hi…” – his reply comforts and intrigues. “Are you busy?” – it’s almost midnight. “No, why?” – now, he is interested. “I’m tired of sleeping alone” – it takes one sentence to strip naked. It’s been days of solitude and silence, two things that […]

Imaginary lover

She failed to resist the temptation of building an imaginary relationship from a short story of a one-night stand. It all started innocently, from a tranquil Sunday afternoon walk in London Fields. He held her hand and it felt right, they were in love. –          Let’s get married, – he proposed over a cup of […]


Her father was a proud patriot. He was the first to arrive to The Baltic Way, a human chain that connected three Baltic Capitals in a peaceful protest against Soviet rule, wearing a white shirt and a tricolour badge. She remembers the morning he woke everyone up and made them sing the national anthem. Then the mother rushed to the kitchen to make some sandwiches with rye bread, cheese and cervelat. She could not understand what the fuss is all about, neither did her sister. They sat at the back seat of their red moskvitch, driving towards Vilnius in silence. The mother was finishing her knitting, occasionally lifting her head to check the road, the father’s hands were clenching tightly on the wheel, while the sister picked her nose, secretly sticking bogeys under the car seat.
It was a peculiar summer morning, drowning in the hot August sun.
– Where are we going dad? – she asked.
– Into freedom.

London, my Love

I think we need to spread love as much as we can. And today I’m very much in love with LONDON. A couple of weeks ago, I introduced the city to my cousin & her husband, & was very disappointed they felt indifferent about my lover. For days I thought, that I might be deluded, […]

What we talk about when we talk about love

We sat in her living room talking about her trip to South America, Global Warming, recycling, female rights, volunteer work, refugee camp in Calais, where her husband and she is taking donated clothes and blankets for those who happened to be less fortunate. We talked about war and rape as a weapon, cultural differences and […]


I don’t follow the news, there is a high chance Italy was blown off the surface of the planet Earth, ’cause it seems that all refugees are camping in my house. The other morning, I went downstairs to find them all in my living room: one was resting on a sofa hiding under a coat, another was […]

Sex shop

I made a decision to purchase a vibrator. This was not a light-headed resolution – quite the opposite – I carefully went through all for and against, I consulted competent people, and did a research. Once I opened the sex shop door Sphinx got in my way ready to devour, if I don’t answer his […]