Lost in Venice

Venice is one of those mystical cities, that attracts people from all over the world. Perhaps because it’s sinking? The fear of losing it makes us appreciate it more. Being there is like stepping into Canaletto painting Venice: The Grand Canal with S. Simeone Piccolo. The outside world stays behind and even GPS is helpless. […]

Magic of Florence

The image of Florence in my mind was a renaissance masterpiece: empty stone paved streets, with adorable cafes and wine cellars lit by candles. City where the time stands still, well literally, unchanged since sixteenth century. Therefore, imagine my disappointment when around 9am on my holiday, I found myself standing in a queue of tourists […]

2 hours in Pisa

The day has arrived. The sun was peeking through the curtains and the idea of having a ten days break from fluorescent light and dry noodle soups was overwhelming, I felt happiness washing over me. After talking with a couple of friends who travelled to Tuscany on more than one occasion, I learnt that flights […]

Travel is my real job

It was early sunny spring morning in London Bridge apartment filled with the smell of coffee and fresh croissants. We laid in a king size bed equipped with laptops: planning an eight-day trip through Italy, staring places on Google maps, booking tickets and adding dates and times to the fourteen pages file. A half-day in […]

Paris. The magic of daily life

Everyone has Paris in them and for everyone – it’s different. I see Paris through filter, everywhere I turn Camille Pissarro paintings, Philippe Garel’s film scenes, divine Yves Saint Laurent elegance, devilish Serge Gainsbourg’s voice, Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast… everywhere I go, I feel inspired, probably just like other seventy-five million tourists, who come to […]

Get a Life by Vivienne Westwood

One of many things that pisses me off about our society is the lack of respect & patience. Tonight I witnessed both & I felt embarrassed for the people who stood up to leave before the applause. Who walks out of the room before Dame Vivienne Westwood?! Especially, when she was the speaker of the […]

Berlin – a short love story

Berlin was never a favorite destination on my weekend escape list, especially in winter, but as people say – shit happens, and I’m glad it did. It was a rare occasion of the thirtieth birthday, that made twelve of us come from the east and wild wild west bearing gifts. I was the last one […]