Berlin – a short love story

Winter 2017, Berlin

Berlin was never a favorite destination on my weekend escape list, especially in winter, but as people say – shit happens, and I’m glad it did.

It was a rare occasion of the thirtieth birthday, that made twelve of us come from the east and wild wild west bearing gifts. I was the last one to land and first out the door to the art deco restaurant Nolle hidden in historic railway arches at Friedrichstraße station. The place offers a range of classics as well as traditional menu, like potato soup with slices of sausages, small pork schnitzel, homemade meatball, small grilled sausages on sauerkraut, served with fried potatoes (restaurant’s special) and homemade Berlin style red berry stew with vanilla sauce and a dollop of whipped cream. I challenge you to finish it all. If you do – call me, I might write a separate story on that. Continue reading Berlin – a short love story

It’s not so Paris anymore

If you are not an 18- 25 year old Italian male, Stockholm might not be the perfect location for a weekend break. And even then, you have to save up a little before you head for your nord adventure.

What initially started as a possible escape to Paris with an old friend of mine, turned into four days nation’s gathering in one of Scandinavian capitals.

During my last visit to Vilnius, I accidentally mentioned my girlfriends, that I might be joining a friend of mine in Paris for a two days city break sometime in July. Continue reading It’s not so Paris anymore

Amsterdam is on fire!

…/and literary it was the last day of my four day trip. How symbolic, – I thought, – looking at the flames and smoke. I was petrified that was my last day on Earth.

We were sitting on a bench by the The American Bookstore eating our frites drowned in satésaus (peanut sauce), dark thick smoke above our heads and sirens of fire brigade around. Continue reading Amsterdam is on fire!

Happiness Means Being Close to the One You Love

The other day, over the lunch, Fantastic Man asked me maybe I would be better back home? I stopped for a moment in search for words.

  • Are you trying to get rid of me? – I double checked.
  • No, I‘m not, but it looks like it‘s not working for you…

Maybe it wasn’t perfect lately, maybe I got caught in my little routine and snoozed a bit too long in oh so comfortable comfort zone, but how dares he assume, that London and my-self stopped working? Continue reading Happiness Means Being Close to the One You Love

Date with the city – exploring London from head to toes

If you live in London, or you are visiting the city, or (and) you are stuck in it for some unknown reason – use your time wisely and visit Sky Gardens. Book the visit for free two weeks in advance, you will still need to wait in a queue for 10-15min, but it is worthwhile. The garden it-self isn’t too overwhelming, but the 360° view of London always makes one’s heart erect.

There is no need to book a table if you are only having a drink. But be aware, drinks are overpriced. You may try to sneak a little flask of schnapps in, but be prepared for the 15 sec of shame as each and every person goes through airport-security-scan and all sharps and doggy liquids are confiscated. Maybe, I am not sure. Continue reading Date with the city – exploring London from head to toes

Bath – aimez la vie!

Londoners will agree that the city does get tiring sometimes and all one wants to do is relax. One way of doing it is taking a bath, another – going there by bus (or train, or car, your choice really). Cliché play of words.

A return trip costs £30 (around 3 hours one way if you travel from Victoria Couch Station). It is rather touristic place, but if you avoid the high street there are plenty of quite places to stroll. Continue reading Bath – aimez la vie!