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London, my Love

I think we need to spread love as much as we can. And today I’m very much in love with LONDON. A couple of weeks ago, I introduced the city to my cousin & her husband, & was very disappointed they felt indifferent about my lover. For days I thought, that I might be deluded, […]

Little black dress

I sell bags worth nine thousand pounds for fifteen year olds, for which they pay me in cash, as if it was a pack of Haribo and I can not help but wonder. Maybe their parents are in organ trafficking business? And which organs are most popular? And how do they know that the organ […]

London. Love hate relationship

If you live in London, or you are visiting the city, or (and) you are stuck in it for some unknown reason – use your time wisely and visit Sky Gardens. Book the visit for free two weeks in advance, you will still need to wait in a queue for 10-15min, but it is worthwhile. […]

Bath. Aimez la vie!

Londoners will agree that the city does get tiring sometimes and all one wants to do is relax. One way of doing it is taking a bath, another – going there by bus (or train, or car, your choice really). Cliché play of words. A return trip costs £30 (around 3 hours one way if […]


You know what‘s annoying me in human relationship? – I ask spinning the spoon in the cup full of coffee. Go on, – you throw a few words in whiles I‘m putting together a fluent sentence. Dishonesty, – I neglect the philosophy and cut straight to the point afraid my coffee will cool off. What […]