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Imaginary lover

She failed to resist the temptation of building an imaginary relationship from a short story of a one-night stand. It all started innocently, from a tranquil Sunday afternoon walk in London Fields. He held her hand and it felt right, they were in love. –          Let’s get married, – he proposed over a cup of […]

London, my Love

I think we need to spread love as much as we can. And today I’m very much in love with LONDON. A couple of weeks ago, I introduced the city to my cousin & her husband, & was very disappointed they felt indifferent about my lover. For days I thought, that I might be deluded, […]

Postcard Karma

What goes around comes around in a form of postcard. Dedicated for those who send and receive love.

Provocative Facades

I always had this temptation to touch a book, flip through pages, read the back cover. I also love to buy books in those little house called bookshops, where I can meet other creeps, who love books as much as I do, maybe even more?

Love Is A Rational Decision

Love is a rational decision. This a fact of the twenty first century. There is no doubt about that. Those who dare to argue are stuck in time. Over. – Sorry, but we don’t even know what telegram is. – Then fax it over. – …?

First Love

You know, it’s hard to begin… Then what for? … Sometimes I even forget I ever wrote a word… and then someone reminds me, as if writing is my ex, „…so, still writing? How is writing?“ they ask. And I get the same rush, and I blush thinking that Writing and my-self were a good […]


Finally he opened up. Told me everything about his childhood, about his sister Maria, about his despot father, about his first cigarette, about bull fights, about his first love and a guy, whom he fucked in college, about Segovia, architectural studies, about his first fight, about his first year in London and that he had […]