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Berlin – a short love story

Berlin was never a favorite destination on my weekend escape list, especially in winter, but as people say – shit happens, and I’m glad it did. It was a rare occasion of the thirtieth birthday, that made twelve of us come from the east and wild wild west bearing gifts. I was the last one […]

Book digger

Oxfam Bookshop right in the front of Hampstead Undeground station, on 45 Heath St is worth an individual post. Usually, I leave a charity shop with one or two book(s) and a magazine or vinyl (on a good day), but this Sunday will go down in history as the best Sunday for a Book Digger […]

All the Eternal Love

Let’s go to Yayoi Kusama exhibition, at Victoria Miro. Let’s. What time shall we meet to avoid the never ending queue we faced last time. 10am. Surprisingly enough, I was there 9.50am and the queue was already 15-20min wait. A gallery assistant with a timer in her hands breathy explained that the best time to […]

The Photographers’ Gallery

If you are around Oxford Circus for the last days of SALE, take a break and pop to The Photographers’ Gallery for a cup of coffee and a glance at Saul Leiter works, a collection of shots from New York streets and fashion photography masterpieces for Harper’s Bazaar as well as some of his sketchbooks. 

Trully wonderful artist – Arto Lindsay

As a friend of mine said: thanks God, jazz was cancelled. Hallelujah! On the way from the Vortex club we saw a queue to Cafe Otto and without knowing what to expect we found love. Arto Lindsay

Bath – aimez la vie!

Londoners will agree that the city does get tiring sometimes and all one wants to do is relax. One way of doing it is taking a bath, another – going there by bus (or train, or car, your choice really). Cliché play of words. A return trip costs £30 (around 3 hours one way if […]

Gaudi, 4Gats and the sea of tourists

Short story long and not the other way around: summer vacation in Barcelona. This was the fifth time and I’m not looking forward to go back. At least not till the city clears out and Catalonians gets some deserved rest. Imagine living in a never ending treasure hunt. This is how Barcelona looks like now. […]